About Densa


Our Story

De Elite Nigerian Star Awards known as DENSA, are presented annually to recognize and celebrate excellence among professionals and outstanding personalities in Business, Movies/Music, and Social Industry who have positively influenced the narrative in their fields and has risen to excellence.

The Brand Densa was first launched in March 2020 and over the year, Densa recorded over 6,000,000 (6million+ voters) in her nominees voting platform www.deelitemagazines.com in the 2020 Densa Awards which was initially postponed due to the global crises (Covid 19 Pandemic and further cancelled following the nation’s epidemic (The End Sars Protest) in 2020

The Brand Densa, promises to remain consistent, relevant and productive for decades as we keep celebrating Excellence, inspiration and fans satisfaction.

The Densa Event is Organized and Hosted by De Elite Magazines (DeEliteMags).


Our Mission

The DENSA Awards Event aims to recognize and celebrate success and vitality of eminent Personalities in our categories of Nomination. The unique annual award event is being established specifically to acknowledge, project , celebrate and reward hard work, consistency and excellence in the nation and to provide a solid platform for the launching of annual publications of De Elite Magazines


Our Vision

Densa Awards pictures a future where hardwork, consistent, excellence and it’s like are being recognized, encouraged and celebrated. Our vision is to through this Platform honour deserving outstanding personalities and corporations Nationwide,

Densa pictures being the largest assembly of excellence and to become the biggest national award event in Africa in the very near future.

To give global recognition to De Elite Magazines as the No.1 sort after magazine for News, Lifestyle, Fashion and Business in Africa.



In regards to the award title De Elite Nigerian Star Awards,
ELITE- Means
most selected in a group, outstanding or highest in hierarchy of rating in a specific category or group.
STAR- on the other hand signifies excellence and light.

So the DENSA award plaque is illustrated by two rising hand holding up a star in gold sequence which depicts that our awardees are most risen and outstanding in excellence in line with the Densa motto: Risen to excellence.

The DENSA Awards Brand Identity is identified with a custom
triangle symbol which usually represents stability and power when facing up and reproduction when faced down. with a symbol of two hands raising up a star centered in the triangle. this symbol was taken from the DENSA Award plaque which depicts
our motto “Risen to Excellence”