Interview session with CINDY OKAFOR. BBNaija Season 4 HouseMate

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In an interview session with Miss
Cindy Okafor, one of the realest pepper in the Bbnaija pepper dem edition in 2019, The BBnaija star revealed a lot about herself as she gave honest answers to Mr Barry
(The Interviewer) during the

interview. Here is what she has to say:

Cindy: Hi, its Cindy, good day,I’m here now, so I will get right into it

Interviewer: Nice to have you

Cindy. How are you doing today?
Cindy: Very well, thank you!

Interviewer: So Cindy, tell us How did you start chasing your dreams?
-how was it initially?
-what kept you going?
-Did you ever feel like quitting

Cindy: So how did I go about my dream, how did I start?
I remember I would always come to Lagos, Hmmmm.. there is this celebrity I was working with at his studio, I don’t want to call names though but he actually helped me
I was like a backup singer for his artiste and yeah, that was what was bringing me to Lagos and then I was in school. But the main thing that actually got me here
was a pageant,
I actually went for a pageant and i won a certain amount of money which really helped me, I started looking for a house, so it made me feel like Lagos was the place for me. So I would always come from school all the time to do my job being the FACE of what I won
then. Yeah, that was basically it. Then, I found a place and I started really, really working. I did a couple of pageants as well. But this was because I was looking for a way to raise money to start my music career so, I decided to try other aspects to see if I can raise money and from there I started developing love and interest for videography, just being in front of the camera or should I rather say in the spotlight. But my original passion was MUSIC

Interviewer: Did you ever feel like quitting at any point?

Cindy: Of course at some point I felt like quitting because growing up, I felt someone would see me, like my sound and sign me, but growing up,I realized I was on my own (except family) so I opted into being a model, bought forms, I was already skinny. Then I went into real estate, started renting out and selling houses as an agent going up and down lagos, inspections until I got a delicious deal and I started making my first millions at a very young age and that was how I was able to set up my own studio.
Generally, what inspired me, Like I said was MUSIC.

Interviewer: How many auditions did you take before gettin’ into the big brother house in 2019 ?

Cindy: Well, 2019 was actually my first time to audition, funny enough it was actually my first time to audition and I got in. I’m so grateful to God and how everything went.

Interviewer: Were there specific strategies you employed?

Cindy: No! The only strategy here honestly is to be yourself that is what I would advice anyone going
to get auditioned. I got in through the online audition. My video was very simple, very straight to the point, I didn’t have time to over introduce myself. I just… Like just talk your mind, be yourself, be real that’s the only strategy .

Interviewer: Were you ever over confident you would be picked?

Cindy: Of course I was confident. but at the same time you have all these people. Like during my own time when we submitted videos there were thousands of people that submitted videos, Mine was like 20,000th entry I knew it takes extra grace. Even when we went for the physical audition, you see alot of people, all those yanki people speaking phonetics and people saying they just came back from wherever.
But I didn’t care about anybody, I was just there for my own head and I don’t easily feel intimidated
You know you can’t be sure you will be scared of course because it’s like a Gamble..

Interviewer: How was your experience in the BbNaija House?

Cindy: My experience in the Bbnaija house? Whoa…….
It was fun and crazy. I got to see a different side of myself. My only challenge was having to deal without my phone and my laptop No TV, nothing. So then we all had to develop passion for something else. I think mine was food, that’s what people said, though I didn’t really think I was eating that much. Except I was always chewing biscuits. Being in the house really helps you know yourself and how you can flow with people and how you can live with people, cameras everywhere So yeah it was fun and changing lifelchanging.. In one word, im grateful to God for everything, Yah

Interviewer: What has been the most challenging experience in your career so far?

Cindy: The most challenging thing in my career right now is people looking at you and expecting a certain level of you and if you are delivering or not Though my career right now as a videographer, I actually put a stop to it because I’m getting training. when I came out I decided to take my time and learn because I don’t want to pay millions to shoot a music video when I know I have sophisticated equipment that cost me millions to get as a production person. I’ll rather take my time, get the full training. I just want everything to be CEE-RAINS production, I dont want anyone else

Interviewer: How do you handle shade and trolls?

Cindy: Well, even if I’m the kind that things do not easily get to. Sometimes I feel annoyed, pained and irritated. But right now. i would say I’m in a better place, and it really doesn’t really get to me
as much anymore. I just quickly block them, I do not need any bad energy around me. We are all growing and getting better everyday, I don’t need someone in my face saying “oh you did this” or just trying to judge. That is why, it’s not everything i post, I’m not a social media person, I have done a lot that is not on Instagram, it’s better like that, Not like I bought a new place or I got new set of gadgets I will then put it online. Only when I want to promote a brand or for instance I’m done with my movie I would have to post it, because I want people to watch it, but aside from that I don’t post like that on my page please.

because I want people to watch it but aside that I don’t post like that on my page. I don’t want people to know what I do, when I buy anything, Nobody should tell me congrats . Those that know me will do the congrats. Thanks

Interviewer: Rumors have it that you’re single. How true is that?

Cindy: About my being single, it’s not a rumour. All I’m gonna say is, I’m not gonna put my relationship status out there. I always like to cruise around..I’m not saying I’m single, I’m not saying I’m dating, I just dey!. Let me end it there, lol

Interviewer: What advise do you have for young people chasing their dreams like you did ?

Cindy: Yes, to my people out there please whatever you are doing just keep doing it and be consistent, consistency is key trust me.
Just put things out there you do not know who is watching that could be what would help you tomorrow.
So please never give up on your talent keep doing YOU, and very prayerful. Thanks, Love you all..

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