Queen Priscillia Oye Emerged As The 3rd Queen Of Models Nigeria

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Queen Priscillia Oye emerged as the 3rd Queen Of Models Nigeria at the Grand finale of The Beauty Speaks Edition on April 28th 2019 where she upped her game against 15 equally matched competitors at the contest.

The Queen hails from Abua Odua Local Government in Port Harcourt State, Nigeria.

In the pre event backstory interview, the Queen expressed her love for the Ghanaian actress/fashion Model YVONNE NELSON and regarded the actress as her role model since childhood
She defined modeling as an act of promotions and advertising commercial products which could also involve one’s talent.

The Queen further explained that what keeps her going as a model is her passion and drive in modeling and also the likes of top models and top designers..

The Queen revealed after the contest that throughout the competition she was confident of victory due to the work, effort and dedication she put into it but during the camping till the major event she has two major rivals which made her doubt her guts. These rivals were Onyemaechi Rejoice who represented Sapphire and Nwanji Faith Chidimma who represented Chrysoberyl in the Pageant.

Post Event, The Queen has been seen to carry out so many selfless, charitable and voluntary projects some of which are; e

* Her visit to the little saint orphanage home on May 27th 2019 (Children’s Day) where she shared love, food, and happiness with the orphans

* Qomn One Week Free Skill Acquisition.
In her reign, The Queen organized a free 7 days skill acquisition that featured over 10 skills. In this training, over 300 participants were recorded and certified after this individual courses.


The Queen also graced occasions, events and functions where her presence were duly requested some of which are The Deltan Queen Pageant, Nigerian Face Of Hope, Office Of the Secretary of Chevron (Mr Pesi Francis) among others.

The Queen has a vacation in Port Harcourt in her period of reign where she signed a partnership contract with Lekpa Girls Closet x Queen Of Models Nigeria, and experienced the Presidential Hotel, PHC.

As part of her unannounced benefits, Queen Priscillia Oye had a shot at the Nigerian Movie industry Nollywood where she acted under the directions or too directors such as Augustine Iloh (DGN) Don Single Ndubuisi (DGN) and with tip actors and actresses.
The Queen had movies with the legendary Mercy Johnson, Georgina Ibeh, Ngozi Ezeh, FlashBoy among other too movie stars.

Her reign further extended into being a two years period when the Queen Of Models Nigeria Event was cancelled following the global Crisis (Covid-19 Pandemic) and the End Sars Protest.

The Queen looks forward to pushing forth with her career when she hands over the title to her predecessor.

“I’ve always believed in myself and everything I dedicated myself to and I urge young ones to keep pushing.”
Queen Priscillia Oye says when asked what motivation she would leave behind.


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